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New Kickstarter aims to bring the Amiga classic Wings to Android

There is definitely a trend going on right now with resurrecting the classics from back in the day that a lot of us used to play. This trend doesn’t really seem to be slowing down, keeping a consistent pace with new titles being brought to modern times. The latest title looking to make a comeback is Wings, a classic game for the Amiga and yes, there is a Kickstarter for it.

Cinemaware is looking to bring back the biplane era aerial dogfighting game Wings to mobile devices as well as the PC and have launched a Kickstarter project where they happen to be looking for $350,000 in funding to make it happen. The game will be remade with HD visuals to bring it into the modern era while you fly your old school plane, shooting down the back guys.

You can check out the video above to hear the developer’s pitch to get you to fund this remake and learn more about the game. As it stands right now, they have raised a little over $8,500 but there is plenty of time to go to reach their goal.

Thanks to Kevin L. for the tip!

Source: Kickstarter

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