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Orc Genocide brings Tower Defense and conquering into one title

Aside from the rather colorful name this game has, Orc Genocide is an interesting blend of what the developer is describing as tower defense and conquering gameplay. It is essentially turn-based strategy, that is derived from RTS games, and comes in the form of a chess like game.

You will have a variety of units at your disposal, summoned from buildings, and resources as well. The goal is to conquer your opponent so there is a blend of both offense and defensive gameplay involved. Units have different abilities and can also have different auras, some of which harm enemies while others protect you. Your opponent also has these as well.

Orc Genocide Features:

– 5 different units/buildings
– 5 different auras
– 4 different game modes including split-screen multiplayer
– Cool retro graphics

Orc Genocide comes with a total of four game modes: CPU (Head to Head) and CPU (Easy to Hard). There is also split-screen multiplayer and a Waves mode as well where you have to survive through 10 waves. An online multiplayer function is planned for a future update as well should you want to challenge your friends who aren’t sitting right in front of you.

If you are looking for something a little different in the Strategy game genre for your Android device, you might want to check this game out. You can grab a copy of it off of the Google Play store completely free of charge.

Developer Website: InspiredAndroid

Google Play Link: Orc Genocide

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