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Kairosoft unleashes Oh!Edo Towns onto Google Play to take all your free time away

Do you hear that sound? That is the sound of your free time running away as fast as it can to try and escape Kairosoft’s clutches. Unfortunately, we all know how well that will work, especially when Kairosoft releases a new game which they have done today called Oh!Edo Towns.

This time around Kairosoft is taking your back into the past into Japan’s Edo era. You will be charged with building up your own successful samurai filled town with pretty much every structure you can think of from that time period. Everything from housing to castles and everything in between will be available for you to set up in your new town.

There is a new ‘combo’ system in this game where if you place buildings strategically next to each other that are compatible, you will get a bonus to your Yields that will, in turn, boost up your income and the success of your town. Unlike a lot of Kairosoft’s recent games, this is pretty much a straight up city building sim.

For all you fans of Kairosoft, you can jump over to the Google Play store or head on over to our Google Play synced catalog and nab a copy of Oh!Edo Towns for their usual price of $4.99.

Thanks to Scott A. for the tip!

Google Play Link: Oh!Edo Towns

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