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Rovio starting to tease their pig focused game called Bad Piggies?

We have mentioned this rumor in the past a couple of times and it now looks as though the rumor could be on its way to becoming true. The rumor is that Rovio has been planning and developing an Angry Birds themed game but instead of focusing on the Birds story, this new game would tell the story from the pig’s point of view.

Rovio has now launched both a Twitter account and Facebook page for what we are guessing is the pig-centric game they have been rumored to be developing called Bad Piggies, or as the world will most likely call it, Angry Piggies. Going to either the new Facebook or Twitter account won’t yield you any news about this game, at least not yet, since both are brand new.

There is, however, a statement over of the Facebook page tells us the stance the pigs have on this whole Angry Birds situation: ‘Pigs are awesome. Birds stink. We like eggs!’ The pigs also seem to talk in the same style that the cute and funny kitten pictures tend to have, such as I Can Haz Cheezburgr.

Now that Rovio is teasing this new game, we can expect more details to start arriving at a steady pace soon.

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

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