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The Amazon AppStore becomes available in Europe starting today

Good news for all our European readers out there today who, until now, have not had access to the Amazon AppStore. This means you’ve been missing out on the free games/apps of the day, the promotional deals and so on. However, that changes beginning today as the Amazon AppStore rolls out access to Europe.

While not all countries will get access right away, a few of the bigger ones will including the U.K., France, Germany, Italy and Spain. This also means that when a game is exclusively released onto Android through the Amazon AppStore for a limited time, you will also be able to access those finally.

The fact that the Amazon AppStore has been available only to US residents has been a bone of contention with other people living elsewhere. At least now Amazon is spreading their wings to include Europe. You can expect more countries to gain access down the road a bit. As a perk, it looks like Angry Birds (ads-free version) is today’s free game.

Thanks to Chaospower for the tip!

Official Website: Amazon AppStore

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