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Minecraft: Pocket Edition now available on Amazon for Kindle Fire owners

Minecraft has invaded yet another platform, once again in the mobile landscape of things as now Minecraft: Pocket Edition is available through the Amazon AppStore for those of you who own a Kindle Fire or one of the new Kindle Fire HD tablets. No more needing to root and side-load the game onto your Kindle Fire and hoping that it works out.

While technically not a new platform, Amazon and their Kindle Fire line of products almost act like a separate platform even though it really is just Android. The version of Minecraft: Pocket Edition on Amazon’s AppStore is the latest one, so you should have all the new stuff that has arrived into the game from the recent updates such as Creepers, beds and chests.

So if you are finally ready to get Minecraft: Pocket Edition to play on your Kindle Fire, you can now do so. Amazon has the game up on their AppStore for $6.99. Check it out, grab it, get building and hope that you don’t get blown up by a Creeper.

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

Amazon Market Link: Minecraft: Pocket Edition

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