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Unique Xbox Live game Quiet, Please! free on Amazon’s AppStore today

Back in June of this year a neat little retro-style game arrived on Android after receiving the porting treatment from it’s developers who originally released the game on Xbox Live. Developed by Nostalgic Software, Quiet, Please! is a rather interesting little game that is now available for those of you with access to the Amazon AppStore as today’s free app of the day.

So what is this unique little game about? Basically your character has just gotten home from school and wants to chill out with a little peace and quiet to unwind from a long day of higher learning. The problem with that is everyone else around you wants to make noise. This is obviously counter-productive to your attempts at relaxing so in order to fix all of the noise that is invading your quiet time, you’ll have to solve puzzles and interact with your environment in order to silence whatever is making the noise.

This mobile version is identical to the Xbox Live version except for the controls which are optimized for playing on your Android device. So if you’ve had a chance to play this game on Xbox Live, you’ll be able to just jump right into it knowing what to do.

Check out the cool mash-up trailer below Nostalgic Software made to show the game off. This trailer is made up of clips from other people’s videos who are playing the game on Xbox. It’s pretty entertaining. As a bonus, each download includes three free kittens! Quiet, Please! is available right now off of Amazon’s AppStore for free for today only.

Amazon Market Link: Quiet, Please!

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