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Shadowgate creators hit up Kickstarter to re-imagine their hit classic first-person adventure game

The creators of the classic first-person adventure game called Shadowgate have gone over to Kickstarter to bring a new re-imagined and revamped version out to the world and this new version will be made available on a variety of platforms including Android tablets. This inclusion of Android tablets as one of the supported platforms isn’t a stretch goal either, which is something that happens with a decent amount of these Kickstarter project. Instead, it will be released onto Android tablets when the game launches.

For those of you unfamiliar with Shadowgate, this was a first-person adventure game that quickly became a hit PC title for a number of reasons. Developed by Zojoi, which is a rather small game studio who has actually been apart of a lot of games and their development including Road Runner’s Death Valley Rally, Aliens Online, Air Warrior III, Multiplayer Battletech: 3025, Sherlock Holmes and The Settlers of Catan.

Currently slated Shadowgate Features:

Rooms: More than 60 beautifully illustrated rooms featuring both new and familiar locations, offering a new play experience
Puzzles: Lots of new and updated puzzles that seamlessly expand on the original game
First Person Adventuring: Utilize your inventory, spell book, mapping system and on-screen help to complete your quest
Commands: Intuitive command-based UI allows you to interact extensively with the environments
Storytelling: Features the same great storytelling you expect from a Shadowgate adventure
Cinematic Score: A full, digitally-orchestrated soundtrack by composer Rich Douglas
8-bit Score: A second retro soundtrack featuring Hiroyuki Masuno’s original NES composition
Soundscapes: A complete atmospheric and puzzle-based sound design
Animations: Environmental and object-specific animation bring each location to life

One thing Zojoi wants you to know is that this new version of Shadowgate won’t simply be a port of the game. This will truly be a re-imaging of the game including a whole slew of new features to the game as well as expanding the mythology and storyline of the original.

If you’re ready to get a great adventure game on your Android tablet in the near future, you might want to consider heading over to their official Kickstarter page and dropping a few bucks to help get them successfully funded. Right now they are sitting at just over $45K of their $120,000 goal with 27 days to go. You can check out their pitch video above. You will get to see some in-game footage which looks rather promising.

Thanks to Trevor H. for the heads up!

Developer Website: Zojoi

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