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Minecraft: Pocket Edition 0.5.0 update on the way: Ready for the Nether Reactor?

The next version of Minecraft: Pocket Edition is heading our way and amazingly enough it seems as though this update came a lot faster than the other ones did. This is probably due to the fact that a lot of features are now in place so the devs working on Minecraft: Pocket Edition don’t have to worry about them and can concentrate on more content. So what is coming in the 0.5.0 update? The Nether Reactor.

Now before you lose your mind thinking that we get to go to the Nether in Minecraft: Pocket Edition, you actually do not at all. Instead the Nether Reactor is an end-game tool which sort of brings the Nether to us instead of having us create a portal and go there. We are calling this an end-game goal because the crafting materials required to build the Nether Reactor are pretty crazy. In fact we have a video that shows the Nether Reactor and how to craft it from a live stream done by one of the developers working on it.

There is a commentary running in the video by someone else who recorded the livestream who sort of guesses at the other features coming in the update but the list below is the official changelog for version 0.5.0. To build a Nether Reactor you need 3 diamonds and 6 iron ingots. That builds the reactor core which, after build it, you need to build a frame around it. This is done with four gold blocks and some cobblestone, which you’ll see in the video above.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition 0.5.0 Changelog:

New features:

– Paintings
– Mushroom farming
– Melons
– Zombie pigmen
– Nether Reactor


– Restore hearts when sleeping in bed
– Food now restores more health
– Tweaked the fog to make the game less foggy
– It is now easier to get out a bed

Bug fixes:

– The game could crash when loading a saved game [MCPE-442]
– Animals would sometimes never respawn in a map [MCPE-272]
– Using an item could sometimes attack animals/players when not facing them [MCPE-269]
– Spawning by a bed sometimes resulted in the player being several floors up from it [MCPE-51]
– Seeds would drop below grass block when using the hoe [MCPE-7]
– About 25 additional bug fixes

The Nether Reactor isn’t the only cool feature heading our way, although it is definitely the biggest in this update. Paintings are also going to be available as well as Melons, so get those Melon farms ready. Also, speaking of farming, Mushrooms farms will also be something we can build now. Lastly, which has to do with the Nether Reactor, are Zombie Pigmen which will spawn from it. Oh, and before we forget, the Zombie pigmen drop Glowdust which you can use to create Glowstone.

Ready for this new update? Well you won’t have to wait long. The iOS version has already been submitted to the App Store for approval which means the Android version is ready to go as well. Mojang is predicting that the update will arrive sometime in the middle of this month (November) but it really could come any day now.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

Website Referenced: Mojang

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