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The hit Dreamcast game remake Expendable Rearmed gets a release date

About two weeks ago we talked about a rather popular Dreamcast game Expendable that is getting revamped and re-imaged before getting released onto Android under the name called Expendable Rearmed. This is being done by the fine folks at Retrobomb and when we originally posted about the game coming to Android, we only had a general ‘coming soon’ release time for it. Well now we have an official release date.

For those of you unfamiliar with Expendable and missed our previous coverage of it coming to Android, originally this game was released onto the Dreamcast by Rage Software back in 1999, after which is made it to the original Playstation and for PCs as well. At the time this game was considered to have cutting edge graphics and unique game mechanics, using some of the best technology available at the time.

This action arcade game is being remade and re-imaged with new high definition visuals and more intense gameplay. This isn’t just a port of the old game at all but instead a complete overhaul and remake of it. It will also be designed more towards how the original game was supposed to be made and the ideals behind it, with a more ‘one more go’ type of addiction, with lives and high scores. People who own Tegra-based devices can look forward to experiencing even more eye candy and effects, especially those of you with Tegra 3 devices. However, it will be available for everyone at launch.

Speaking of the game’s launch, Retrobomb got in touch with us to let us know that Expendable Rearmed will be arriving on Android November 8th, the same day Angry Birds Star Wars will be landing on Google Play. It is starting to look like November 8th is going to be a busy day for Android gamers.

Developer Website: Retrobomb

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