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Melesta Games to bring Toy Defense to the shores of Android this month

A new tower defense game is heading our way called Toy Defense by Melesta Games later this month. Originally released onto iOS, Melesta Games has decided to bring their game over to Google Play so you can dive into the world of toys and defense gaming. While the visuals are not eye candy like other games in this genre such as Sentinel 3, they are quite solid looking and fit right with the theme of the game.

Toy Defense is a fun tower defense game, nothing overly serious and actually has a bit of humor to it. This game plays out like most other set path tower defense titles, where you’ll be defending your base against waves of enemies intent on destroying it. You can defend your base using a variety of different ‘towers’ that will shoot at your enemies. Not only does Toy Defense have ground units but aerial units as well that you’ll need to set proper defenses up for.

Toy Defense Features:

– Intense World War I atmosphere 
– 73 perfectly designed levels 
– 4 historically accurate weapons with 24 upgrades 
– 9 different enemies 
– 18 awards 
– No ads
– All worlds are available without additional fees
– Facebook integration
– 4 absolutely new, cool and amazing features: Repairmen. Now towers could be repaired without your assistance! Resurrection. Revive the ruined tower, take part in the battle again! Squashing. Help your army, join the battle. Squash enemy with your finger! Protective barrage. Defend your base. Crush enemy by blast wave!

As of right now, the release time for Toy Defense onto Android is the middle of November, 2012. When it does launch, should it follow the same pricing it has on iOS, then it will cost you a mere $0.99 to buy it.

Developer Website: Toy Defense

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