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Chillingo releases This Could Hurt and Grow Away onto Google Play

Chillingo has released a couple of new games onto the Google Play store this morning called This Could Hurt and Grow Away. Both games are very different from each other with This Could Hurt being a 3D platformer while Grow Away is a game similar to a lot of the other ‘vs’ types of games already available on Android except this one is themed around food vs bad diet.

This Could Hurt

This first game from Chillingo is an interesting 3D platformer called This Could Hurt. You play as an Oakguard apprentice who hopes to be a full-fledge Oakguard one day, protecting the Great Oak which is the tree that brings life and power to your village. However, before you can become a full Oakguard, you have to successfully complete the Path of Pain which looks like a sadistic Parkour course in each level.

This Could Hurt Features:

– Avoid spinning blades, pitfalls, giant mallets and more in this unique puzzle-packed adventure.
– Guide your character with one-touch controls, choosing the perfect time to stop or go.
– Features four worlds, each with 10 challenging levels. Environmental hazards like ice and lava also make appearances to make things more challenging.
– Beautiful 3D mazes filled with death-traps that you must climb, run, jump and occasionally fly through
– Collect the golden Acorns hidden throughout the world to unlock a variety of achievements and power-ups

This Could Hurt is actually quite a unique game and looks pretty solid in terms of visuals. For those of you interested in snapping up a copy of this game, you can do so off of the Google Play store for free.

Google Play Links: This Could Hurt (North America) | This Could Hurt (International)

Grow Away

Chillingo’s second release is called Grow Away which pits good foods against bad diets. Basically you will be throwing food at monsters in order to keep them back from invading your safe little plot of land you’re growing on and, in turn, allowing you to survive longer. You’ll be loading up a catapult and flinging food at these monsters, with each different type of food having different affects.

You will be doing all of this food flinging through 60 levels spanning across four different worlds: The Green Plains, Plague Jungle, Chili Mountain and the Yellow Stone Ridge. You will have to get to know what each vegetable does in order to effectively use them. If you’re into these types of games, you can grab Grow Away off of the Google Play store for free as well.

Google Play Link: Grow Away (North America) | Grow Away (International)

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