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Poll: What is your favorite game from the Humble Bundle for Android 4?

By now, I suppose all of you know of the Humble Bundle for Android 4, and have in the process snagged yourselves five (or six, if you paid above the average) great indie games that are mostly making their debut on Android. If you haven’t already got the bundle, then do yourself and the whole of humanity a favor by getting it!

Anyway, assuming most of you all have got it and played the games that come with it on your Android smartphone or tablet, our poll for this week revolves around your favorite game from the bundle. Waking Mars is a cool exploration platformer, Splice a great experimental puzzler, Eufloria a nifty real-time strategy game, Superbrothers: Swords & Sworcery a unique pixel art adventure and Crayon Physics Deluxe takes you back to your pre-school drawing board.

For me personally, it’s hard to pin-point a favorite since I haven’t really played them all, but Splice has been eating out a lot of my precious time, and Waking Mars too to a lesser extent. Take note that we have excluded Machinarium from this poll since it is beat the average and has already been on Google Play for almost half a year now.

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Some time back, we carried out a poll as to whether have you spent on in-app purchases for consumable items, and not surprisingly, an overwhelming majority answered no. The results in full as follows:

Poll: Have you made an in-app purchase for consumable items before?

No – 81.5%
Yes – 18.5%

Total votes: 168

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