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Rumble Entertainment’s Nightmare Guardians set to arrive on tablets in 2013

Rumble Entertainment are gearing up to spread their wings and transverse the world of mobile gaming with their first title called Nightmare Guardians. Actually, they will be entering the multi-platform publishing arena as Nightmare Guardians will be released across tablets as well as on the web for people to play. With that said, you can probably already tell that this is a multiplayer game.

There isn’t a whole lot of details right now regarding everything that will be coming with Nightmare Guardians but we do know a few things. Firstly, it will features real-time co-op multiplayer action but layered on top of that is a tower defense strategy type of layer. Players will pick one of the Guardians to play as and help fight back the hordes of nightmare creatures who are threatening the world. This is a blend of both genres so it won’t be just a Tower Defense game, plus there is the aspect of multiplayer added to it.

While we don’t have any screenshots of the game just yet, Rumble Entertainment are promising that the visuals will ‘push visual standards in tablet gaming to a new level’. It’ll be interesting to see what exactly the graphics will look like. More information will be released as the launch of Nightmare Guardians draws closer. As that happens, we will be keeping everyone up to date. For those of you interested, you can also sign up for the closed beta over on the game’s official website.

Official Website: Nightmare Guardians

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