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Electronic Arts launches a dedicated widget for their EA Daily Deals

Based off of their Daily Deals website, Electronic Arts has developed and released a dedicated widget that will deliver up-to-the-minute listings of deals straight to the home screen on your Android device. When you launch the widget, you will have a scrolling list of deals that, when you click on the one you’re interested in, will take you right to the appropriate page so you can snap up a copy of that game quickly before the deal ends.

While this can be useful for gamers to find deals all year round, it can be especially helpful during the various holidays throughout the year which always seem to have game sales during them. Even though this is about offering up deals right to your home screen to appease the impulse buyer in you, the widget also does something that may benefit all Android gamers in the long run: It provides EA with information about your device. This could help with future releases being available on more devices at launch. You will have to agree to the terms of service in order to use the widget because it does collect this information.

Daily Deals Widget Features:

• The ability to check out the current deal of the day or week
• Click through to Google Play to browse great EA games
• Launch already-owned EA mobile titles
• Receive push notifications about new EA deals
• Free live wallpapers bundle
• Connections to video trailers, social media, and links to in-game content
• Discover the best from EA, including popular, chart-topping FREE games
• Save on the biggest, most innovative games on Google Play
• Enjoy new deals and other game-related awesomeness delivered directly to you

This widget also has some other useful features including the ability to launch already owned EA games through it, news updates, links to in-game content (something they are pushing on all platforms lately) and the ability to watch trailers. Overall it is a very multipurpose widget even though it is mostly to inform everyone of deals that are going on.

If you’re up for checking it out, you can download EA’s Daily Deals widget off of the Google Play store for free. It’s a novel idea although there isn’t always a sale going on.

Google Play Links: EA Daily Deals Widget (North America) | EA Daily Deals Widget (International)

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