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Poll: What are your thoughts about Google+ Profiles being mandatory for leaving reviews?

Earlier this week, Google quietly introduced a pretty big change in the way we leave reviews on the Play Store. No longer are we able to anonymously post reviews – we must now do so using our Google+ profiles, with our full name and photo on display for the whole world to see (this has not been rolled to all Android devices though just yet, but the web version already requires your Google+ profile).

This change has polarized opinions. On one hand, we have people saying that this will lead to less rubbish reviews, and more insightful ones. Knowing that they’re reviewing using a public profile, users will be less inclined to leave offensive and demeaning reviews as well. And well, the thinking is the reviews will be more civil and professional at the end of the day.

But on the other hand, there is an outcry from the public too, especially on the fact that Google is trying to push its social media so hard by giving users no other option to post reviews. Some people are also not used to using their full names and having their photo displayed on such a public platform.

Personally, I think Google will end up being the winner out of all this, simply because a vast majority of the Android populace don’t bother using Google+ and don’t even have an account. But Google also risks alienating a section of its users who aren’t comfortable with this move for personal reasons. Also, there is certainly the chance that less critical (but deserved) reviews will be posted because people won’t want to look like the bad guy in public.

We want to know your thoughts on this subject matter, so our poll this week is going to revolve around this topic of discussion. What do you make of this move? Do you see yourself leaving little to no more reviews as a result of the change, or does it not affect you at all and you’ll continue posting reviews as per what you used to do before? Cast a vote in the poll below, and then expand on your opinion in the comments section.

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Last Week’s Poll Results

Last week, we did a poll on how much are you willing to pay at the very most for a mobile game. Looking at the poll results, about a third of the respondents are willing to pay up to $6.99 for a quality title. Also, $0.99 is the lowest of choice among all, so the myth that mobile gamers (Android ones in particular here) are cheap may not be so true after all. Game developers may want to have a look at the results too.

Poll: How much is the most you’re willing to pay for a mobile game? – Total votes: 268

1) $6.99 – 31.7%
2) $2.99 – 28%
3) More than $9.99 – 14.6%
4) $9.99 – 14.2%
5) $0.99 – 11.6%

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