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Run, jump and slide while shooting zombies in eXtermination by Panic Art Studios

A new retro-style action / arcade game called eXtermination has arrived onto Google Play from Panic Art Studios. Filled with plenty of cool pixel art to enjoy, eXtermination will have you running, jumping and sliding through each level while shooting hordes of zombies in the face. This game also has a pretty solid soundtrack to enjoy while you try and exterminate the zombie race.

If you’re looking for a deep storyline in this game, you won’t find one. It is all about having fun, enjoying some retro-style gaming, and just shooting plenty of zombies. If you really need a storyline to follow, this is how the eXtermination story goes: Derek Osmond, a bad-ass caught in the middle of a zombie invasion. Your job is to guide Derek through the levels into the safe room. There also happens to be destructible objects as well such as crates that could be in your way from completing the level. This is a ‘run & gun’ type of game so your player is automatically moving to the right, since this is a side-scrolling game, and all you will need to concentrate on is shooting, jumping and not dieing.

eXtermination Features:

– 45 hand crafted levels in three different areas (city park, winter, industrial factory)
– Three basic abilities to unlock
– Seven weapons to buy and upgrade up to five times
– Shop where you can buy ammunition and accessories
– Updates for new levels, weapons and accessories
– Over 30 different objects to move/use/destroy

There are a variety of zombies you will have to deal with, each having their own unique abilities as well. Interestingly enough, even though this is a ‘run & gun’ type of game, there are plenty of gadgets and items that you will need to interact with to be successful in each level such as sliders, buttons, switches, jump platforms, keys, gates and so on. You will also need to drop blocks and slide moving blocks in place to clear the way if they can’t be destroyed.

Overall eXtermination is a pretty fast-paced action / arcade game that also blends into it some mechanics from other genres of gaming. If you’re looking for a new retro-style action game to sink your teeth into then you might want to check this one out. You can download eXtermination off of the Google Play store for $1.99. There is also a free version to try out before buying the full version.

Thanks to Elias V. for the tip!

Google Play Link: eXtermination

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