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Black Ops and Minecraft combine forces to create Block Ops

Alright maybe it isn’t Black Ops specifically that is combined with Minecraft in a new game called Block Ops from Rory Harvey. However it is a play on the whole FPS genre and combining it with Minecraft has created a rather neat FPS game to play on your Android device. While the world waits for Brick Force to release their Android application, we can play a little FPS action in this game which resembles an actual Minecraft mod.

However, Block Ops isn’t a Minecraft mod. It is a full separate game where you will be traveling over different terrain and infiltrating the enemy and their strongholds. The cool thing is, the entire world is destructible, just like in Minecraft. Also there is plenty of sniping involved in Block Ops for those of you who enjoy pegging people off from a distance instead of getting up close and personal.

This is a single player game though so don’t go downloading it with the expectation of shooting your friends in the face. Still, even as a single player game, it is rather fun. Hopefully the developer does considering bringing multiplayer to the game. Until then though, you can download Block Ops off of the Google Play store for $3.19. You can check the game out in action in the video below.

Google Play Link: Block Ops

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