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Collect moon pieces and blast enemies with your pet dragon in Lumigon

Purumiru Entertainment has released their first game onto Android and it is a side-scrolling arcade game called Lumigon where you collect moon pieces, called Lunas, using your pet dragons. These moon pieces power up your little dragon, giving him special abilities like flamethrower breath or a protective bubble.

The goal of the game depends on the mode you play it in. In the Story Mode, you just need to reach the end of each stage. Survival Mode will have you trying to survive as long as possible, collecting as many points as possible along the way. Regardless of the mode you play it in, you’ll have enemies coming at you that you’ll either need to dodge or blast with your pet dragon.

Lumigon Features:

-Grab the Lunas and transform Purumi into a golden dragon!
– Enjoy ‘Story mode’ as you explore the mysterious world, or delight yourself with the classic endless running adventure.
– Chain Luna combos together to release an outrageous flamethrower or pump out a ballistic bubble to protect yourself!
– Grab a flaming power orb and turn Purumi into a super cute fireball!
– With all the power-ups available, you can turn Purumi into a vacuum with ‘Power Magnet’! Lighten up your day with ‘Bright Lantern’! Use ‘Shadow Potion’ and become an untouchable shadow dragon!
– Prove your skills by going up against the big bad bosses and save the day!
– Plow through hordes of angry monsters with the ultimate Purumi Blitz!

Interestingly enough, there are even boss fights to deal with in Lumigon. As you progress through each stage, or further into the Survival mode, Lumigon gets more and more challenging and the gameplay gets faster. If you’re up for a little side-scrolling action, you might want to check this game out. It’ll cost you a whole lot of free to download it off of Google Play.

Google Play Link: Lumigon

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