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DeNA announces their new high-end FPS game The Drowning for mobile devices

Back in November we talked about an unnamed FPS game that made an appearance in the financial earning for Ngmoco / DeNA as an upcoming game for Android and iOS. Well now Ngmoco has let the word out that this FPS game is called The Drowning and that it is coming with some pretty high-end graphics for mobile gamers.

It has also been confirmed that it will be made by a DeNA owned studio in Sweden is now called called Scattered Entertainment which is headed by a bunch of folks from Electronic Arts’ DICE studio, the crew behind the Battlefield games. The Drowning looks to be more of an undead themed FPS game judging from the new official website for the game, along with the announcement trailer. Speaking of which, if you enjoy a good game trailer, you’ll want to check this one out, which you can in the video below.

Basically it looks like this game is about an apocalypse that has come about, with rather undead looking creatures trying to kill you. We don’t call these creatures Zombies because they really don’t follow the whole idea of a zombie but more of just really angry undead creatures invading the world. This is definitely a story-based game, at least in the single player mode, and an original one at that. We are not sure just yet if it will come with full multiplayer but considering the team behind it and the fact that it will be on Ngmoco / DeNA’s Mobage network, chances are pretty high.

The visuals look pretty amazing although we are going by a trailer and some screenshots. The trailer does have in-game footage which looks like it could be straight out of a PS3 / Xbox 360 game in terms of quality. The controls are a bit different then you will be used to as well. There won’t be any virtual joysticks, for those of you who don’t use controllers, and instead will feature an entire tap-based system. Tap once to walk, tap twice to shoot, swipe to look and pinch zoom to zoom in and out.

Right now there is no release date as to when The Drowning will arrive for Android devices but when it does, it looks to give Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour, as well as future FPS games, a run for their money. The Android version will arrive at some point after the iOS release, but Android is getting this game which we confirmed with Ben Cousins, head of the new Scattered Entertainment studio making The Drowning.

Official Website: The Drowning

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