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Rumored entire 2013 game line-up from Gameloft leaked already

The entire game line-up for Gameloft for the entire 2013 seasons has apparently been leaked along with the full names of upcoming games, screenshots for some of them, descriptions for most of the game and even a video or two showing the games in action. We got this news from one of the original sources of the leak but hesitated to post it last night as we watched other sites who mentioned this news turn around and take down the information of the leak.

Gameloft has been hitting up all the sits posting about this leak which only adds validity to the leak itself, asking those sites to remove the details of the leak. The list of games is quite extensive as well with plenty of details right down to the release times for some of the games. While a few of these games will be iOS-only by the looks of things, plenty of these will be on Android as well, with a total of 30 games slated for release across both platforms.

We run the risk of being contacted by Gameloft and asked to take down some of this information for sure but we can’t help but get excited for some of the games heading our way next year. There will be a new Asphalt 8 game, a new Dungeon Hunter 4 title, a new Gangstar title, and even a new Order & Chaos themed game. There is also a new FPS title coming up next year which could very well be another Unreal Engine 3 made game. Modern Combat fans will be happy to know that Modern Combat 5 is in the works as well as another Brothers in Arms title.

There also happens to be a few movie-based games heading in our direction as well which we won’t disclose right now since we are trying to tell you as much as we can without having Gameloft come after us. Interestingly enough, a new installment into the N.O.V.A. series is not on the list, could N.O.V.A. 3 be it for the series?

Lastly there are a few sim and RTS / strategy games being developed for iOS and Android as well. All of these games are slated for release in 2013. We are trying to see if Gameloft will let us post some of the screenshots and details for some of these games, since we saved all of it, so we don’t get into too much trouble with them, but don’t hold your breath for a positive response. Either way, 2013 is looking real good for Gameloft titles, with plenty of new IP and titles also in the works which we haven’t named here… yet.

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