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Square Enix announces Final Fantasy IV for Android coming in early 2013

Square Enix has gone ahead and given everyone a heads up about when the next Final Fantasy installment would be landing on Android and iOS, most likely in order for everyone to start saving up their pennies so they can afford it. Final Fantasy IV will be arriving on iOS this month while all of us Android gamers will be seeing this next Final Fantasy title arriving on Google Play in early Spring of 2013.

As the story goes for this installment, you will be taking control of Cecil who is out to stop the evil sorcerer Golbez who is trying to use a bunch of powerful crystals to destroy the world. Pretty much your average day in the life of Final Fantasy. FFIV was when the whole idea of switching out party members really started to come into play as well.

So we still have some time to wait till we can get our hands on this new installment into the series. When the iOS version is released, we will actually be able to see what the game looks like as well.

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

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