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Google begins giving away Holiday Surprises through Google Play

Google has begun their own version of celebrating the holiday season and although it isn’t a crazy sale like when the Google Play store passed 10 billion downloads or anything like that, what Google is doing is still pretty cool. Starting today, Google is giving away holiday surprises through the Google Play store and it isn’t just something like free apps or games.

For the next two weeks Google will be giving away holiday surprises each day. While we have no idea what future surprises will be, although we will be sure to report on each one every day so you can take advantage of them, they do appear to be actual real world gifts. For example, today’s holiday surprise is $35 dollars off of a hotel room that you book through the Hotel Tonight application. If you’re looking for a hotel room right now, that’s not a bad little deal.

Knowing Google, we can expect to see some other rather cool holiday surprises over the next two weeks. These will probably be for just about every category on the Google Play store in one way or another so it will definitely be worth checking back every day.

Google Play Link: Daily Holiday Surpise

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