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Pocket Legends MMORPG gets a big update including two new playable classes

While a lot of the fans of Spacetime Studios titles are currently working their way through the latest MMO to come from Spacetime Studios, called Arcane Legends, the company is still hard at work bringing content to all of their other MMO titles. Their first release was Pocket Legends, a fantasy-themed MMORPG that has over 8 million downloads, and has gotten a rather large content update which comes with two new playable classes: the Rhino Paladin and the Vixen Ranger.

However, two new playable classes is just the beginning for what comes with this new content update. There is also a new Elite boss fight to take part in, where you and some friends can team up and try to take down a Level 76 Red Dragon. Along with a new Elite boss fight there also happens to be a whole new heroic dungeons for you and your crew to work your way through.

Pocket Legends update changelog:

– New Elite Boss fight: Battle a level 76 Red Dragon
– New Dungeons: Including a heroic instance; the Dragonet of Fire Forest just got meaner in the “Forgotten Forest”
– New 3 vs. 3 Capture the Flag PVP map: Fight for flags and glory in the Burning Flats
– New Ranks: Two original options for all existing classes skills
– New Items: Including exclusive vanity drops for previously existing characters
– New Low Level Drops: Better weapons and shields for lower leveled characters
– Return of Winterfest: Pocket Legends’ X-Mas celebration returns  with new vanity drops and store items

PvP fans got some goodies with this update as well including a new 3v3 Capture the Flag map to dominate. Since it is the holiday season after all, Winterfest has returned to the game was well for players to take part in and enjoy all the holiday-themed goodies that come along with Winterfest.

If you haven’t downloaded the content update yet, you can do so at any time as the update has been live for a couple of days now.

Google Play Link: Pocket Legends

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