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Angry Birds Rio gets updated with 24 new Samba-themed levels

For those of you who thought Angry Birds Rio had finally thrown in the towel after a nice long run, you can reconsider those thoughts as Rovio has released an update for Angry Birds Rio. This new update comes with 24 new Samba-themed levels for you to fling your birds through as well as the new power-ups system.

However this isn’t your typical update where you have access to the majority of the level aside from a few secret ones. To even access 18 of these new levels you will have to collect a lot of stars from all the other current levels. The remaining six can only be unlocked by collecting feathers. This is because every new level in this update is a bonus level. So it looks like some players will have to go through the entire game again to improve their scores in order to access these new levels.

Of course things will be a little easier this time around now that the power-ups system has been implemented into Angry Birds Rio. While power-ups are available through in-game purchases, you will be treated to 20 free power-ups when you download the update and additional free ones each day you play the game.

The update is now live so feel free to download it now. That is, of course, if you still have Angry Birds Rio installed.

Google Play Link: Angry Birds Rio

Website Referenced: Pocket Gamer

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