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Google announces their list of the top 12 games of 2012

So Google has made a list of the top 12 games that were released onto Google Play over the past year and there are some interesting titles they have picked. The games selected stretch across most genres and while some of their picks seem spot on, others are a bit of a surprised which leads us to ask the question as to whether or not you agree with their picks or if not then what ones would you switch out and with what game.

Here’s the list of games picked by Google as being the top 12 of the year:

The Bard’s Tale
Nun Attack
Granny Smith
Zoo Keeper Battle
Devil’s Attorney
Strikefleet Omega
Funky Smugglers
Shadowgun: Deadzone
Need for Speed: Most Wanted
Subway Surfers

While we are not overly sure what the criteria was that they used to pick these games or if it just happened to be the games that they like, there are a few of them we would probably switch out. So do you agree with this list or would you switch any of them out and if so for what other games? Let us know in the comments below.

Google Play Link: Best Games of 2012

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