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Herocraft launches their comical action strategy game called Ant Raid

Herocraft has released a new title onto the Google Play store called Ant Raid. This little game is actually quite comical in both visuals and the sound effect departments but as simple as the gameplay is, it quickly gets to be rather challenging as well. You’ll be trying to keep your little ant colony alive against swarms of insects who happened to get mutated into mindless monsters.

Players will be controlling groups of ants, targeting them to attack the insect that begin to swarm their colony. These insect can come from any direction so it can get pretty hectic pretty fast. Also some insects take more damage than others making them harder to kill so you will need a bigger groups of ants to take them down.

Ant Raid requires some pretty fast thinking because you do have to regulate the amount of ants you use right on the spot. Some groups needs to be bigger while others are fine small. You can adjust the size of your group of ants that you want to send out after an enemy insect by sliding your finger more over the starting point where the ants collect.

For those of you interested in getting a copy of Ant Raid, you can do so right now for $0.99 on sale to celebrate the game’s launch. You can also check out this game in action in the video below.

Google Play Link: Ant Raid

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