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Thursday Lunchtime Awesomeness: Real life Fruit Ninja, super fruit kitty included

Most people have played Halfbrick’s rather enjoyable arcade game called Fruit Ninja at one point or another in their mobile gaming lives. However, the threat of real fruit attacking you in real life is slim to none but if it did happen, there is at least one person out there in the world who seems to be ready to handle the task of taking on fresh fruit.

We were going to actually file this under humor instead of awesomeness until the super kitty made an appearance in the video. Two other great moments to watch out for while enjoy this video is the bomb (awesome facial expression) and the fruit shrapnel shortly afterwards. Near the end of the video it just gets downright violent with the fruit looking like it is winning the battle.

You can thanks YouTube user scottdw for this gratuitous murdering of fruit.

Website Referenced: Game Informer

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