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OUYA Dev unit gets a full walkthrough on video

Last week the OUYA developer units were sent out and the company decided to unbox one on video in order to give us all a bit of a quick rundown as to what these developer units look like and come with. Now one developer has gone to video with his full walkthrough of the developer units showing off pretty much everything.

The whole walkthrough actually takes part across three videos where this developer goes through the actual unit itself, the live interface and pretty much everything else you could expect in a detailed rundown. This walkthrough actually reveals some more goodies that the official OUYA unboxing didn’t mention, although we did have an idea that some of these features were coming.

For starters, the controllers have a small touchpad in the center top area which is used to controller a cursor. This could possibly be used in games as well as through the overall interface. As most know by now, OUYA will be running Jelly Bean out of the box but the interface isn’t final yet and could contain some bugs.

The unit doesn’t come with any games aside from what the developers themselves put on it when making their games. We do get to see a bit of gameplay from an upcoming title called Deadly Dungeons.

As for the hardware, everything is pretty much the same from the official unboxing with the unit being transparent plastic along with the controllers as well. This will change though once the unit ships publicly in March 2013. Feel free to sit back and watch all three videos to really get a good idea about the OUYA unit.

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