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Chocobos… lots of Chocobos everywhere with the Chocobo Live Wallpaper from Square Enix

While we sort of take it easy today in preparation for tonight’s New Years Eve celebration here in Las Vegas, we did stumble upon something rather neat that Square Enix recently slipped quietly onto the Google Play store and that is the official Chocobos Live Wallpaper.

This would make the count now up to two for live wallpapers from Square Enix, the other being the blue slime live wallpaper featuring the blue slime from Dragon Quest. The Chocobo Live Wallpaper features some retro style looking Chocobos… actually there are a lot of them.

Interestingly enough, this is almost a game itself as you need to keep you Chocobos well fed by feeding them gysahl greens. The rare Black Chocobo and Moogle also occasionally make an appearance and yes you can feed those as well.

If you’re a Final Fantasy fan and don’t mind having a plethora of ride-able chickens… sorry Chocobos… on your screen, then you can pick up this neat little live wallpaper off of Google Play for about $2.50.

Google Play Link: Chocobo Live Wallpaper

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