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Rogue-like dungeon crawler Dungelot arrives on Google Play

A new rogue-like dungeon crawler has arrived for Android called Dungelot. Developed by Red Winter Software, this rather unique style of dungeon crawler has players flipping over tiles as they search for the key which will allow them to escape the level they are currently on safely. As you flip tiles, you’ll also reveal either loot or monsters you will need to fight.

Since this is a rogue-like dungeon crawler, that means that Dungelot also has randomly generated levels so you won’t be playing the same ones over and over again. However when you die, because you will die, you are able to take with you all the loot that you’ve collected in your previous journeys with you when you start again. This is so you can build your character up over time.

Right now there are four classes to choose from: Paladin, Vampire, Brewer and Rogue. Each class has their own unique abilities as well but in order to use the Brewer or Assassin class you first need to reach a specified level.

If you’re a fan of rogue-like dungeon crawlers and happen to be looking for one that is a little different, then you may want to check out Dungelot. You can grab yourself a copy off of the Google Play store for free.

Google Play Link: Dungelot

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