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Aptual shows off Roasty Rooster running on their OUYA development kit

Over the past week or so all of the development kits for OUYA have gone out and since then developers have been going to video showing off the unit through a rather long walkthrough and now showing the console in action. Aptual, a Finnish developer, has taken to video to show us their upcoming game Roasty Rooster for the OUYA Android game console.

While it is rather neat to already see a game in an early production state for the OUYA console, the fact that we get to see the console in action in general is also pretty interesting to watch. As we get to see more of this new console over the coming months before its March 2013 release, we should see more games and videos heading our way.

For those of you who were hesitant on picking one of these up, have you changed your mind yet?

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