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[CES2013] Vizio to have the first Tegra 4 tablet and it’s ultra-lightweight

Plenty of Tegra 4 news will be happening this week as you probably have already guessed from this morning alone, but it seems that Vizio will be the first company to have a Tegra 4 Android tablet, or at least announce one. They even have an early version of the tablet here at CES for all of us to fondle relentlessly.

While pricing and a shipping date were not discussed with TheVerge who managed to get an early hands-on of this new tablet, what they did find out was that it was incredibly lightweight. In fact it even surprised the folks over at TheVerge how light it was. So curious about the hardware specs? Here they are:

– 10-inch 2560×1600 resolution
– Android 4.2 (first non-nexus device with 4.2?)
– 32GB internal storage
– Front and rear cameras (no specifics on them yet)
– Bluetooth 4.0, WiFi, and your standard connectivity ports

Like we said though, Vizio didn’t want to give up any sort of release date or price for this 10″ Tegra 4 tablet. When they do though, we will be sure to update everyone. We’ve included the video of TheVerge’s hands-on with it for right now. We will get our hands dirty with it shortly.

Image curtsey of TheVerge.

Website Referenced: TheVerge

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