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[CES2013] The CES show floor opens today, here’s who we are seeing, give us your questions!

Today is the first official day of CES 2013 as the showroom floor at the Las Vegas Convention Center and surrounding hotels become a mad house of people trying to fondle every gadget under the sun, interview people while other people try to eavesdrop on said interview, feet being stepped on, shoulder checks and backpacks swinging freely, and all the other good stuff we’ve come to love when trending through the see of people rushing everywhere.

This also means all the stuffy press conferences are done and the real fun begins with random announcements happening all the time, hidden goodies being spotted, photo snapping, gadget fondling and many questions to ask.

While we have plenty of questions we have lined up to ask all the companies and their people when we go to our meetings, we wanted to see if any of you had questions you wanted us to ask and hopefully get answered for you. We have meetings with all the big guys like LG, Samsung, nVidia and so on. We also have meetings with lots of other companies as well like that are outside of the device manufacturer realm and deal with gaming peripherals such as PowerA (developers of the MOGA), SteelSeries, Mad Catz, Turtle Beach and much more.

Lastly we have meetings with, of course, game developers! We will be meeting companies such as Gameloft and Madfinger Games. Also on the plate for us is meeting up with service providers like G-Cluster who have signed on as one of the first six partners for nVidia’s GRID cloud gaming service.

Of course we will run into many many other people, game developers and companies along the way and we will be tweeting and G+’ing to keep everyone up to date on who we are talking to and what we are checking out. That way if you have any questions that come up regarding something a little off the beaten path that we stumble onto, you can hit us up right away and we can ask the question for you.

If you have any questions right now though, just drop them in the comments below and we will ask them for you when we meet up with whomever you have questions for. We could be meeting them today, tomorrow or Thursday/Friday. Just let us know who your questions is for and what your question is.

P.S.: We will also be looking at other gaming goodies in general, not just Android goodies. We are gamers after all. So expect us to fondle items like Xi3’s Piston (a.k.a Valve’s steam PC) and other fun stuff.

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