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[CES2013] Reader Questions: Upcoming Tegra 4 games and that Tegra 3 device you own

With Tegra 4 on the way in the very near future, games are already being development for nVidia’s new chipset such as Dead Trigger 2, Arma Tactics, Aliens vs Predators and more. So naturally some of you wanted us to ask about backwards compatibility for Tegra 3 devices with these new Tegra 4 games.

So during our meeting with nVidia this was brought up and you’ll be pleased to know that everything will work like it has been with Tegra 3 games having backwards compatibility with Tegra 2 devices. Tegra 4 devices owners will see more visual goodies while Tegra 3 device owners will still have plenty of eye candy to enjoy as well. Tegra 2, however, won’t be seeing any of these Tegra 4 games unless the developer’s decide to include support for them specifically. This is also partly due to the fact that the Tegra 2 is getting on in age.

In regards to Tegra 4 exclusives, you can expect that there will most likely be a few of them, just like there is with Tegra 3. These could be temporary exclusive or permanent ones but developers are encouraged to just have their games available for both chipsets pretty much from launch.

For non-Tegra device owners, it is up to the developers as to whether or not they want to bring their Tegra-based game over to those devices as well but from what we’ve seen with Tegra 3 games, there should be a decent amount of them available for non-Tegra devices.

Don’t go running off too far, we have plenty more CES news coming shortly including hands-on time of Project Shield, Dead Trigger 2, more reader questions answered and other Android gaming goodness from the show.

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