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Riptide GP 2 officially announced by Vector Unit, coming in summer 2013

A few days ago, we mentioned Riptide GP 2 as one of the upcoming Tegra 4 games that should be arriving in the coming months. Well, now Vector Unit has taken to their Facebook page to officially announce the game, which will be available to all Android devices (not just Tegra 4 ones) sometime during the summer of 2013.

As a sequel to its mega-popular predecessor, you can expect Riptide GP 2 to be, in the words of the developers, “bigger, bolder and better looking than ever”. It will feature the same water physics we’ve come to love in the original, but this time in more varied and open environments.

True enough, the arenas here are much larger (and more complex looking), and now there are 8 (instead of 6) competitors in each race. You can still kick out daredevil stunts like before, but in Riptide GP 2 there will also be the ability to chain them together to make combos.

Some additional details we’ve managed to get from Vector Unit is that the game will be sold at a low price with additional in-app purchases for upgrades and new content. Other than that, it’ll feature online multiplayer (yay!) as well as a full blown career mode with more event types.

You’ll also be able to upgrade and customize the look of your jetskis, whilst Tegra 4 device owners can look forward to extra visual goodies such as real-time shadows and enhanced splash effects. I was one of those who loved the original Riptide GP, so here’s hoping the sequel lives up to expectations.

Developer Website: Vector Unit

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