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GameStick Kickstarter hit with an IP dispute, but all is good now

A couple of days ago you may have noticed that the Kickstarter campaign for the upcoming portable Android gaming console GameStick had disappeared temporarily from Kickstarter. If you were a backer of the campaign, you were also treated with some neat little messages hitting your inbox regarding what was happening.

Essentially GameStick was hit with a intellectual property dispute but amazingly enough it wasn’t about the GameStick itself, the design of it or even its functionality. Instead the IP infringement complaint was filed against GameStick because of a game shown in the preview video when GameStick was showing off their console’s UI.

According to the complaint, the company behind GameStick didn’t have permissions to show anything at all regarding a particular game shown in the UI and therefor the developers got a little upset and filed the complaint. Unfortunately, by law, the campaign must be taken down until a resolution is reached. The game was removed from the preview video and the campaign was put back up for public viewing only a day or so later.

So if you happen to be wondering what happened over the past few days regarding the GameStick Kickstarter campaign, that is what happened. Nothing about the actual GameStick though and the campaign is back in full swing should you want to drop a couple of bucks to help with funding.

Thanks to Trevor H. for the tip!

Website Referenced: GameStick Kickstarter

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