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Square Enix is teasing… something… coming on January 17th

Square Enix has put up a teaser site for an upcoming RPG title that could be arriving on Android on January 17th which is this Thursday. It could also be for an iOS game release, or both, but we really don’t know. It could be for one of the Final Fantasy games Square Enix recently teased would be heading our way soon or it could be something completely different.

If you head on over to the new teaser site Square Enix has launched you will be treated to a big white screen with the silhouette of a few different characters in all their pixel glory. On the left are two rather large silhouettes which have turned out to be Behemoth, a monster that makes numerous appearances starting with Final Fantasy V, a game Square Enix teased recently as heading to Android and iOS.

On the right there eight additional smaller silhouettes of characters, obviously the good guys since the formation as a whole is that of a standard turn-based combat screen in many of the Square Enix titles, most of which fit the look of characters found in Final Fantasy V and Final Fantasy VI. However not all of them look to be from the Final Fantasy series and in fact a couple look like they could be from Square Enix’s upcoming title All The Bravest.

Some site have already concluded that it is All The Bravest including Neoseeker who mentions that there was a link to the iTunes All The Bravest listing in the website’s source code. When we check we didn’t find any link like that. Of course the URL to the teaser site has the directory labeled as ff_atb which likely means Final Fantasy and All The Bravest.

Whatever the case may be, it certainly looks interesting and could end up very well being one of the Final Fantasy games Square Enix recently teased. Anyone want to take a stab at what this could be? Keep in mind most of these teasers end up being iOS releases but they have all mostly arrived on Android shortly afterwards. For those of you curious, Final Fantasy IV for Android is slated for release sometime in the early part of this year.

Website Referenced: Siliconera

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