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Life is Magic location-based MMORPG drops the closed beta tags and is open for all

Back in September of last year we talked about a location-based MMORPG that had just opened up sign-ups for closed beat testing. Since then Life is Magic has been in beta testing until recently when it was released onto iOS. Well Red Robot Games has opened the doors to everyone on Android now to join in on their rather unique game.

Life is Magic isn’t your typical location-based MMORPG so before passing judgement you should probably read on. This game takes the world around you and transforms it into a full-scale fantasy MMORPG with magic, dungeons, treasure and all of that good stuff you want in a normal MMORPG. However, instead of layering some visuals over Google Maps or anything like that, Life is Magic completed rendered a new game world based off of your location and provides full animated characters and environments. Basically it is a real MMORPG that uses your location to generate the land.

Life is Magic Features:

– Massively Multiplayer Persistent Location Based MMO!
– Compete with other players where you live to claim Magic Towers as your own
– Compete against real players for real locations!
– Fight in deep dungeons all over the world to grow stronger and find rare equipment
– Real locations and places transformed into a magical, fantasy world
– Choose from three characters: Mage, Machinist or Monk
– Persistent global world
– Search for and unlock new treasures
– Buy powerful new spells
– Invite friends or foes to your party and become world renowned
– Find and chat with new players by location
– 4 Million+ locations to compete for
– Virtually infinite number of weapons and gear to find and use
– 100 Quests to complete!
– Friend invite system with twitter & facebook
– Send and receive daily free gifts
– Discover new players where you live

Combat is done in a turn-based style similar to what you would find in games like Final Fantasy. Aside from defeating monsters, and other players, you can also capture magic towers and steal tons of loot. You also have quests you can complete and a never ending amount of weapons and gear you can find and use. The game already has millions of locations you can compete for control over, dungeons to explore and the entire world is persistent, just like any other MMORPG.

For those of you who unfortunately didn’t get into the closed beta, you can now jump into the game by downloading it off of Google Play for free. Have no fear either as you won’t be behind beta testers as everything reset before the game launched publicly.

Google Play Link: Life is Magic

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