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Sega’s Kingdom Conquest II is now available so you can dominate other players at war

A couple of days ago we talked about Sega’s upcoming game Kingdom Conquest II and that early registration had gone live and anyone who registered ahead of time would get two rare limited run monsters as a prize. Well if you haven’t gotten a chance to do that then you’re out of luck since Sega’s Kingdom Conquest II is now live on Google Play.

For those of you unfamiliar with Kingdom Conquest II, or the original, this game is a rather unique mash-up of a few genres. This game is a dungeon combat, city building card-combat game where you will be building up you city, collecting monsters to populate your armies with and taking on other players all at the same time. That is the quick and dirty explanation of the game.

Kingdom Conquest II Features:

– DOMINATE ONLINE. Plot, plan, and attack with your allies to conquer the Nine Towers of Magna. Forge a gorgeous 3D rendered fortress to create a mighty army from hundreds of monster cards.
– WIELD CARD AND CITY BUILDING SKILLS. Build a gorgeous 3D rendered fortress to create a mighty army from hundreds of monster cards.
– SURVIVE 4-PLAYER CO-OP DUNGEON BATTLES. Slay waves of dark fantasy creatures and boss monsters in real-time. Be rewarded with rare items and monster cards.
– RAISE AND COMMAND A FANTASY ARMY. Collect and combine hundreds of monster cards and strategically deploy them into massive turn-based battles.
– MASTER NEW CHARACTERS AND SKILLS. New avatars: Swordsmen, Warrior, Mage, Monk and Ninja. New Monster cards to file your ranks, and new Commanders to deepen your battle tactics.

You will be bouncing between different viewpoints and style of gameplay as well. For example you won’t be just stuck in a city building type of viewpoint like in a lot of RTS games as when you jump into a dungeon, you’ll be put into an action style of game. Also everything is rendered in 3D visuals as well to polish up the game even more.

Kingdom Conquest II has been out for about two weeks in a soft limited launch in Japan, Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong to test everything. Now it is available for everyone worldwide so if you’ve been waiting for it since we reported on this game coming, you can download Kingdom Conquest II off of Google Play for free.

Google Play Link: Kingdom Conquest II

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