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Sony wants to give you free games for the next six weeks on Playstation Mobile

Sony is looking to keep gamers attention on their Plastation Mobile service and one thing they have come to realize is that everyone loves free games. So, in order to keep people’s eyes on Playstation Mobile on a regular basis, Sony will be offering up a free game each week for anyone with a Playstation Certified Android device.

So when does this free games each week deal start? Well, it begins right now actually. Consider this whole thing a trail run for right now since Sony will be offering up one free game for an entire week for the next six weeks. A new game will become available for free every Wednesday of each week.

This week’s free game is the side-scrolling hack n’ slack rhythm game Samurai Beatdown. It is free right now and will remain available for free until next Wednesday. Could this end up as a permanent fixture for Playstation Mobile? It’s possible but for right now it will just be over the course of the next six weeks.

Website Referenced: Shacknews

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