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Capcom also releases Monster Hunter Dynamic Hunting but only in Japan for now

Oh Capcom, what are we ever going to do with you and you’re weird sense of priority when it comes to releasing games but for only one country. Capcom has been a bit busy lately and are starting the new year off strong with another game release. This time it is a title from the Monster Hunter series of games called Monster Hunter Dynamic Hunting.

Unfortunately for the rest of the world though this new Monster Hunter game is only available in Japan right now as well. Of course if you speak Japanese and use Market Enabler, you can snag yourself a copy of this game as well.

Monster Hunter Dynamic Hunting follows the tradition of previous Monster Hunter titles where players roam around the world hunting down monsters that getting bigger and badder as you get stronger. The controls look like the same sort of control scheme found in titles similar to Infinity Blade and Dark Meadow where timing to dodge and attack are the most critical skills you need to develop.

This is a whole new game in the series and not a port or remake of an existing Monster Hunter game from another platform. That means that any sort of storyline involved in this game is also new as well. It is all based off of the Monster Hunter universe though so you may find the odd thing in-game that is influenced or from another Monster Hunter title.

For those of you who want to try and give this game a shot by using Market Enabler to download it, then you’ll have to fork out around $2.78 to nab yourself a copy of Monster Hunter Dynamic Hunter.

Thanks to Rufus for the tip!

Google Play Link: Monster Hunter Dynamic Hunting

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