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Chillingo brings the swinging, flying, gem collecting world of Super Knights to Google Play

Chillingo has just released a new game onto Google Play that takes heavy influence from the XBLA game called Rotastic. We actually reported on this game coming to Android back in the Summer of 2012 but it was to arrive under the name Knights of the Round Cable. Instead, for its Android release it is called Super Knights.

In Super Knights, players control one of the Knights who is out to save the world from some sort of new evil or to rescue a princess that has been kidnapped. Whatever the problem is, the folks of this medieval world go to the Super Knights for help. Each level will have you using a grappling hook to swing through the stage trying to collect all the gems that you can.

Your grappling hook is the main source of movement which is done by shooting it to the anchor points and swinging around it in order to collect gems. Once you’ve gotten the gems you will need to time everything right and shoot it to the next anchor point. You will be doing this while avoiding the dangers in each stage of course. You can also upgrade your Knight along the way, giving them special abilities that will help you out.

For those of you who have been waiting for this game since we last reported on it, or are fans of Rotastic style games, then you may want to jump over to the Google Play store and pick Super Knights up. It will cost you  nothing to download the game.

Google Play Link: Super Knights (North America) | Super Knights (International)

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