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Namco Bandai to bring Tekken to Android as a card battle game

One brand of fighting games we had hoped would make it to Android at some point is the Tekken series. Well we sort of got our wish filled although it isn’t exactly what we had in mind when we said we wanted Tekken to come to Android. See, Namco Bandai is bringing Tekken to Android but instead of a head-to-head fighting game it will arrive as a cross-platform card battle game instead.

Officially called Tekken Card Tournament, this game will be a cross-platform TCG (Trading Card Game) featuring all the fighters from the series. It looks like this game will pretty much be turn-based combat from what we can see in the screenshots that have been released. Each turn players can pick one of three options: Focus, Block or Strike. Even though this is a turn-based system the matches will be on a timer just like the normal fighting game. You’ll have to make your choices rather fast.

While this is a trading card combat game, unlike a lot of the current ones available for Android or any other platform, Tekken Card Tournament will allow players to boost their deck by purchasing actual physical booster packs and not just digital ones. These physical cards can then be scanned and added to your digital collection for you to use. These cards can also be used to play a real trading card game in person as well so technically you’re getting two games.

When you scan a character, it will add that character to your collection or provide buffs and bonuses to your current collection. Lastly, pointing your camera at a character card will make that character come to life via augmented reality which is a nice touch. Tekken Card Tournament should be arriving on iOS and Android in the coming weeks.

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

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