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New Tron-style tunnel racing game Death Track streaks onto Android

In the spirit of Tron and the light racing bikes from the franchise, Avko Labs has released a tunnel racing game called Death Track that takes influence from the Tron brand. Sporting glowy 3D graphics, players will hope into their light bikes and race through a tunnel dodging hazards along the way.

Death Track has a few interesting features that comes with it including the option to use either 1st person or 3rd person perspectives when racing. There is also a variety of improvements you can do to your bike whether it is increasing its speed limitations or how well the wheels grip to the track.

Works fine on all compatible devices, not just Samsung ones

Players will also have special skills at their disposal in order to help them last longer during a race. Rounding the game off is a pretty big soundtrack for people to listen to while dodging obstacles coming at them at a rather fast pace.

Death Track is available for download off of Google Play for $0.99. However, before going to pick this game up, we just wanted to inform everyone that there are also IAPs as well even though this is a paid game, just so no one is surprised after buying the game and then seeing the IAPs.

Google Play Link: Death Track

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