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We object to the fact that Phoenix Wright 1, 2 and 3 is now available but only in Japan

OBJECTION! is a word that many people have come to love thanks to the Phoenix Wright series of games. Well Capcom has decided to release a trilogy of Phoenix Wright goodness within with a free download called Phoenix Wright 123HD. Unfortunately this awesome little package is available only in Japan right now.

As you may be guessing, these are he original first three games in the Phoenix Wright series, bundled up into one package. You get one of the games when you download the bundle for free and have the option of buying the rest through an in-game purchase either individually or as a bulk purchase.

For those of you who don’t know about the Phoenix Wright series of games, basically you will be looking for clues and evidence to convict criminals. You will also have to take part in the trial since you are the prosecuting lawyer against these criminals. As you become more successful in putting criminals behind bars, you end up facing even tougher cases.

The series still enjoys quite the following even to this day so it is no surprise that it would come to mobile. However, we are hoping Capcom doesn’t just leave it to the fine folks over in Japan to play as Phoenix Wright and send people to jail. We want to have that fun too. If you use Market Enabler though, you’ll be able to snap up a copy of this game, just be sure that you can read Japanese.

Thanks to Rufus for the tip!

Google Play Link: Phoenix Wright 123HD

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