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Mars of Legends brings more hack n’ slash RPG action to Google Play

A new Action-RPG was recently released onto Google Play by developers gogogame called Mars of Legends. This particular hack n’ slash RPG features some pretty solid visuals combines with some pretty hectic gameplay. As you might expect from an Action-RPG, there is also a whole leveling system available with a current level cap of 60.

As with any good hack n’ slash RPG you also have, what the developers are calling, is an occupation system. Basically a class system so you can pick the class you want and tailor you character to how you want it to be. There is also a plethora of weapons, armor and other items available along the way to better equip your character with.

Mars of Legends Features:

– Realistic stunning effects take you into the real battle world!
– A variety of game scenes and modes, different game experiences.
– Well designed game control, smooth operation system.
– Powerful weapon and occupation systems, you can make yourself to be the strongest.

Weapons and armor also have different classes such as normal, magic, epic and so on. For those of you interested in the storyline, it plays out like something out of Diablo. Basically the Devil is making his return and so the lands are overrun with a variety of nasty creatures and bosses you need to fight your way through in order to get to the Devil and stop him.

Mars of Legends can be picked up off of Google Play for free. There are a couple of drawbacks to the game though. Since it is add supported, it seems the ads show up in a not so very convenient place. Not a big deal really. The other drawback is more of a bug where even though the level cap is 60, you can still get weapons that are higher that level 60 which you won’t be able to use. Hopefully this means an update will come with more content and a level cap increase.

Google Play Link: Mars of Legends

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