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OUYA announces a new controller design with multiple improvements

It looks like OUYA really likes to listen to feedback from everyone regarding their upcoming Android-based console. One thing that is very important to good gaming is a good controller and it seems that after taking into account a lot of feedback that they have come up with a new design with multiple improvements.

This new controller will have a different D-pad then originally planned. Instead of the disc shaped D-pad, it will feature the more traditional cross shaped D-pad. Moving onto the joysticks, both will have new caps for improved grip and the touchpad area will also see improvements in order for it to have better sensitivity.

That isn’t all though. The triggers have been reworked and are now more flush with the body of the controller and the battery compartments have been redesigned for a tighter fit. Also some of the other materials will be switched out for better quality ones by the time the console launches.

Overall some very good improvements have been made to the design of the controller but, of course, the real truth will come when we sit down and actually play with the new controllers.

Website Referenced: Android Central

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