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Threedot has arrived to bring you into the world of microscopic organisms

A rather cool little arcade game has arrived on Google Play that features some of those glowy visuals you tend to find in retro style games. Developed by AGC Games, Threedot is a casual little arcade game where you control Threedot, a microscopic organism that pretty much hates all the other microscopic organisms around him, usually because they look like they are trying to eat him.

Basically you’ll be tilting your device to control Threedot, aiming him at other microscopic organisms around him in order to destroy them. The game comes with three different modes: Classic, Crazy and Zen. Classic mode has players popping colored bubbles which has different effects on your enemies. There is an infection weapon you can unlock that will make them slowly infect each other as well.

Threedot Features:

– Scoreloop integration
– Non-scoreloop local leaderboard
– Unlockable weapons
– Nice neon graphics
– Nice particle effects
– Smooth gameplay
– Three different game modes:

Crazy mode is basically like Classic mode but on steroids. Zen mode is essentially and endless survival mode where you can play as long as you want or can. You will need to pick up time bonuses to keep your time going though.

For those of you looking for something a little different and with a bit of a retro flare to it, you might want to check out Threedot. It will cost you $0.99 to snag yourself a copy of the game for your device.

Google Play Link: Threedot

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