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Undead Slayer officially and globally released, hack n’ slash action all the way

A few days ago we talked about a rather cool hack n’ slash action game heading our way officially on January 24th, 2013 which is today. This game was developed by a single person which is pretty impressive if you look at the quality of the game. So what game is this that we are talking about? It’s called Undead Slayer.

Originally released in a sort of test / beta form in Canada and Australia about a week and a half ago, and possible more countries, Undead Slayer is now available for everyone globally. In this game you will be playing as a slayer from an ancient Chinese dynasty, stuck in a world infested with zombies and other monsters that you’ll need to kill in order to survive.

Undead Slayer Features:

– Simple & Easy to pick up gameplay.
– 90 Stages of Hack-and slash action
– 20 Unique skills with dazzling effects

In terms of visuals, you will be in a top-down perspective hacking away at everything in sight, all of which is rendered in some rather solid graphics. As for the controls, it really doesn’t get any more simple than this. To attack an enemy, just double tap on them.

Undead Slayer is available as a free download now for everyone off of Google Play. If you’ve been waiting for a chance to play this since we talked about it a few days ago, you can now grab yourself a copy and start dismembering various monsters. There are IAPs for certain weapons and other items for those of you who are curious.

Google Play Link: Undead Slayer

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